We work hard and we work fast and,of course we play hard as well In the multi-screen war, we took our bet on mobile - the true winner. Innovative solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of mobile users.
Creating a large scale positive impact in people’s lives through mobile technology.
Nitizart even works on creating a large scale positive impact in people's lives through mobile technology. Innovative solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of mobile users.
The needs of our consumers are at the center of ouruniverse and our life revolves around satisfying them. Our products help people access information & entertainment, express themselves & connect with others.
Nitizart has the widest and largest deployment of telecom application cloud platform. Thriving on innovation,we deliver mobile content, advertising and commerce services to millions of mobile consumers.

    Mobile VAS

    Nitizart delivers a world of content on the phone! From news and games to images and videos,it's all available for download.One can access the latest Ringtones,listen to prayers and devotional songs,get the latest Cricket scores or download the favourite glam and devotional images.


    Mobile Development

    Nitizart's Mobile Applications are always top attention seekers on all social platforms.We make applications for ouself as well for all our clients.Our expirience shows itself in our apps.We love to do tough jobs!


    Multimedia solutions

    Nitizart owns one of the best technology,wheather its mobile or web,we are the best. Our web and wap content platforms have always made hundreds of companies to earn fruits.Come and experience it!

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